(the third and final glitch i know) Glitch

i know the Friendship Party has already gone but i also know that it will come back on valentines day next year.Ok so, first you go from the roses to the corner of the stairs.Keep doing it until you get up.

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Here is another Glitch i know. First you go to Temple of Zios then, go from Brady Barr’s door to the window with the monkey face on it.You keep doing it until u go up.

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:*( I WAS SCAMMED! A mean person on animal jam said that bunny hats are still rare and so, i traded him my clover for it.I decided to get more new clothes, so i went to the clothes shop. When i clicked on a table to see what was for sale,OMG! RIGHT SMACK IN FRONT OF ME WAS THE BUNNY HAT THAT SAID BUY! I figured that the bunny hat was not actually rare since it was for sale, and that mean person just wanted a REAL rare!

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I do not know how to put pics on here for proof but trust me, this glitch works! Ok so when your an ocean animal, go inside an entrance to another part of the ocean like from deep blue to kani cove. As your sea animal is going in the entrance, click the map and click a land land like jamaa town ship. You will appear as a sea animal in jamaa town ship.You may have to try a couple of times before it works. 🙂

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Let Me Tell You What This Blog Is About

Hello jammers! This blog is about the website animal jam.It lists some cool glitches, things that are happening currently on animal jam, and all about my account.Have a good time!

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I Just Made This Blog

Woot woot!!! I finally learned how to make a blog! I did it!

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Hello world!

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